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Monopoly Wall Art Canvas | Don't Give Up! Keep Going | Persistence — Pixoram

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Scrooge McDuck Paintings by Alec Monopoly

In Scrooge McDuck Paintings by Alec Monopoly, we are allowed into the lavish life of Scrooge. The well known cartoon duck who spends his time diving into a pool of gold coins.

Monopoly stands out for his unconventional graffiti style that is colorful, happy, and positive rather than a gritty, underground representation in a part of the art world associated with crime and vandalism.

His depictions of the Monopoly Man, Scrooge Duck, and Richie Rich transform these characters into 21st-century icons who love the good life.

The process of creating a wall art: 

The wall art is produced with premium inks and exclusive pigmentation, which guarantees an excellent saturation and hue. We then seal the photograph with a topcoat that not only gives a natural texture but also adds brightness. It will additionally help protect the photograph from sunlight and water exposure, preventing any fading in the color.

The process of preparing the wall art: 

  1. The photo is printed on canvas;
  2. The canvas is stretched on a frame;
  3. The canvas is sealed with the topcoat; 
  4. The canvas is stretched on a gallery frame;
  5. The canvas is attached firmly to the frame;
  6. The frame is nicely packaged;
  7. The product is shipped to the customer

Our canvas prints have a number of unbeatable qualities such as: 

  • Long-lasting;
  • Easy to frame;
  • Each piece has a fine-art aesthetic;
  • High-resolution printing; 
  • Eco-friendly and high-quality inks and materials;
  • Print whatever you want!
  • World Delivery & Free Shipping

    We're ready to add a little art to your life, no matter where you are. Our shipping works all over the world and you can also take advantage of free shipping. We love our big family of art lovers.

  • Quality Guarantee

    Rest assured that your art will not lose its incredible look for many years thanks to our quality guarantee! Your order will remain as vibrant and colourful after 10, and 20, and 30 years.

  • Handcrafted Canvas Art

    We make all orders with great love and using the best equipment of the 21st century. We make only the highest quality and most beautiful paintings for our customers.

    You are sure to find what you are looking for!